Preparing your house for sale

Selling your house can prove challenging and time-consuming, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You have to let strangers come in poke around and even at times open your cabinets and closets, which may feel like your privacy has been invaded. The potential buyer will typically have to critically look at every aspect of your house and even go to the point of criticizing the only place you’ve known to be home. Worst is when they offer you less money than what the home is worth. With not much experience, those selling their home for the first time can make lots of mistakes. However, with proper preparation of your house for the selling process, you can avoid any potential criticism and errors to ensure that you sell your home at a good price. Below are some insights on how you can prepare your home for sale.

Identify repairs and plan to have them attended to.

Normally, with time a home will undergo wear and tear. This is particularly happening if you have lived in the house for long periods. Check out for all needed repairs from windows that stick, to toilets with plumbing issues and a door that squeaks ensure that you don’t ignore even issues that may seem trivial. Potential homebuyers will point out these minor issues and lower your home’s value during the selling process. If there are too many visible worn-out areas, buyers tend to assume that there exist other major issues below the surface, thus lowering the price. Ensure that before you put your house for sale, go room by room, inspecting and noting any repairs that should be done. In floors check for chips and crack, look out for dents in walls, examine the drawer, cabinets and ensure that they close and open appropriately. For the appliances, make sure that they are operating normally. For bathroom and kitchen fixtures, drain any faucets, ensure they are operating normally, and leak-free. Showers and bathroom tubs shouldn’t have broken tiles. Examine even the exteriors and ensure that everything is in order.

Plan to have this repair done, some simple repairs such as unclogging a slow drain or patching a hole in a wall, can be done by yourself. However, for the more complicated and serious repairs, you should hire a professional. Outlets that don’t work, cracks in the house’s foundation and a leaking roof should be done by a professional. Home furniture shops can always help you out with some of these repairs. Check out sites such as Furniture in Fashion. ┬áBy ensuring the repairs are done as well as having upgrades, this increases the value of the house. Always consider the effort and time needed, especially when going for upgrades.

Clean and declutter

The importance of decluttering and cleaning a house is important to add value to the house. Below are some ways to have a smooth cleaning and decluttering process.

Organize, drawers, cabinets and closets: Majority of potential buyers will always want to see interiors of closets and cabinets to know the storage space available. Cluttered cabinets and drawers will serve as a turnoff, ensure they are well arranged.

Eliminate clutter before cleaning: This is where you remove the unnecessary and unwanted items off your house. You can gather items and look for environmentally friendly ways to dispose them of, for example; you can take them to your local municipality or local recycling company. For items that can be useful and don’t need them, you can consider donating them to charity in a local neighbourhood.

Deep-clean your house: This step will require much time. If it is possible to ensure you have the entire family involved. Deep clean the whole house paying special attention to the critical rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens, also clean areas such as the inside and interior parts of the windows. Use appropriate tools and machinery.

Go for curb appeal

Having a good outside appeal of your house will always charm potential buyers; this will see them crave to views the inside of your home and increase the house’s value. Some activities that will ensure a good looking outside include.

  • Trimming of trees, shrubs and bushes
  • Repairing and cleaning concrete areas including driveways and walkways,
  • Mulching the yard
  • Repairing broken gutter and downspouts.

In conclusion, when planning to sell your house, aim at a selling price that will offer value. To achieve this, it is inevitable to make the appropriate repairs and renovations in your house. With the above article, this shouldn’t give you a headache. You can always look out for platforms offering home repair services at ReviewsBird.

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