Places to Buy Fabulous and Eco-Friendly Cork Stools

If you spend sufficient on wine and you have a great deal of wine collection, and you feel like evolving the flavours of wine over time by leaving it for years, then choose the companies that sell the best wine cooler. You can store your wine for ageing in wine coolers and enjoy it whenever you come to a decision to open a wine bottle. If you intend to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home and are a wine aficionado then you can add a cork stool to your wine cellar and place which you have devoted for drinking. We know how delectable an amazing, chilled wine is and wine chilled in a cork stool ice bucket is even finer. Cork stools are considered a versatile accessory for the wine connoisseurs.

Here you can find our top pick places where you can find cork stools.

XL Cork

XL Cork offers handmade cork stools of giant champagne cork stools and cork stools in multi cork designs. You can find these amazing furnishings at Cuckooland, Etsy, and the like.

Giant Champagne Cork Stool

They use natural cork for these stools from Portugal. Champagne cork stool is 50 cm in height, 34com width and 34cm in depth. The giant champagne has a comparable weight to 1,300 ordinary Champagne Corks and is a nifty cool addition to anyone’s home.

Cork Stool in Multi Cork Design

This cork bar stool is a fabulous handmade piece of design and is made from 1000 regular wine corks. The corks are of Portuguese quality cork and make a strong and durable table or seating stool. These stools are super cool and eco-friendly, this amazing bar furnishings will look fabulous in any bar or home. It has 44cm in height and 24com width and contains 6kg weight.


The Vitra Cork Family Stools are robust and stand firmly. The stools are made of pure cork with a lathe-turned and untreated surface that makes them suited for use as side tables or stools. It is comparatively lightweight and extremely durable because of the promising natural effects of cork; they also have a velvety surface that is amicable to touch. Vita provides stools in three different forms, which are also used as side tables. They are made in Poland.


Epicureanist Wine Cork Stool of Vinotemp is made of quality imported cork. This large Cork Stool can be used as a stunning stool or trendy table. You can be a bit creative with this artfully created piece of furniture as you can create a cocktail table by adding a glass top, put a lamp to create an outstanding side table or create a collection of fashionable seating for delighting your guests. These stools are sturdy and eco-sustainable. This is a multi-purpose cork piece which is a great addition to any house and the perfect gift for any wine.


These are amazing furniture pieces that not only add aesthetic appeal to your place but are also used for various purposes.

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